What’s your totem?

1) What’s your favorite color?

a) Blue
b) Yellow
c) Red
d) Orange

2) What type of movie do you like?

a) Action
b) Horror
c) Comedy
d) Drama

3) What superpower would you choose?

a) The ability to fly
b) Shapeshifting
c) Speed
d) Super Strength

4) What’s your favorite time of year?

a) Spring
b) Winter
c) Autumn
d) Summer

5) If you were at a party, what are you more likely to do?

a) Say a toast
b) Pull a prank
c) Tell a joke
d) Gossip with your friends

The Eagle: leader and protector

The Eagle: leader and protector

Your totem is the Eagle:

He’s known as the leader and protector. The eagle feather was a great prize to the Eskimos. It was symbol of courage, spirituality and leadership. If the eagle is your totem you are free-spirited and always straight forward in all manners. You love to take chances and go to the extreme. You are caring and helpful to a friend in need. You will get someone back on their feet again with a steady plan for success and never expect nothing in return. You are a true friend. With the eagle you like freedom and will always aim high.

The Raven: trickster and truth seeker

The Raven: trickster and truth seeker

Your totem is the Raven:

He’s known as the trickster and truth seeker. Sometimes, he can be misunderstood. In the Eskimo legends he stole the sun from the eagle and shared it with the world, taking away the darkness. He is the bringer of light. If the raven is your totem you are often used as a messenger for others. You are very playful and creative with no fear of the dark. Underneath your cool exterior lies tremendous power, intense passion and persistent drive. With the raven magic is imminent and anything is possible.

The Fox: swift and cunning

The Fox: swift and cunning

Your totem is the Fox:

He’s known for his swift and cunning nature. Like the raven, he was called the trickster, but he’s mostly known for his ability to see through deception. He is the grand problem solver. The Eskimos prayed to the fox for guidance and wisdom. If the fox is your totem you are energetic, outgoing, and loyal. You are keen observer and can camouflage to fit in. You think outside the box. With the fox you will never lose your way and he will offer guidance around difficult obstacles, leading you towards the right choices.

 The Bear: strength and courage

The Bear: strength and courage

Your totem is the Bear:

He’s known for his strength and courage. The Eskimos looked toward the bear for protection. This powerful animal will provide support and a stable foundation when facing challenges. If the bear is your totem you are fierce and strong, but playful. You’re very protective of your family and friends. You’re deep and mysterious and full of intrigue, there always seems to be something going on in your mind. With the bear nothing is impossible and he will help you stand up to your current challenges in life, no matter how hard they are.