About Kristen Hunt

Kristen Hunt, known as the desert Eskimo, lives in the sunny state of Arizona with her husband and two cats, Odin and Thor. She doesn’t mind the 100-degree weather. Anything below 64 degrees is freezing. It’s been years since she’s traveled to Nome, Alaska, to visit her family. On her last trip, she was chased by a grizzly bear and never went back. She plans to one day visit, and maybe through her travels another story will be born. The legend of Alaska lives in her soul.

In her spare time, Kristen loves to read graphic novels, paint, watch movies, cosplay, and have tea parties with her friends. She is obsessed with unicorns and feels that everyone has a little magic inside of them.

Kristen’s totem is the Raven.


13 Random Facts About Kristen

1)     She has a twin sister.

2)     Her favorite color is blue.

3)     In Alaska, she got chased by a grizzly bear and hasn’t been back since.

4)    She has a scar over her left eye from opening a car door into her face.

5)     She hates elevators and will take the stairs whenever she can.

6)      Not only is she part Eskimo but a Swedish Viking as well.

7)     She got stung by a jelly fish and had someone pee on her leg. It didn’t work.

8)     Taylor Swift is her idol.

9)      She has two cats named Thor and Odin.

10)   Cage diving with great white sharks is at the top of her bucket list.

11)   She is allergic to watermelon. Really, she is.

12)   She’s obsessed with unicorns. Secretly, she believes she’s the last unicorn on earth.

13)   Her lucky number is 13.

Kristin w unicorn